An NFT for only $20


We are not your usual Rich Stoned Gambling Happy Ape project.


$20 NFT's

The Difference Matters

PorkyPunks is a collection of 10,000 unique pigs living on the ethereum blockchain. What sets us apart from other NFT projects is that we will charge $20 (0.0081 ETH) to mint one of our pigs. While other projects charge $300 - $800 per NFT, with very generic/copycat roadmaps, we believe that our NFT rarity will speak for itself and grow in value. This is a Whitelist only project, so be sure to follow our social media and join our discord to secure your spot for a PorkyPunk.



While other NFT projects have the cliché roadmap of giveaways, merch, metaverse land, IRL parties, and more pretentious "benefits", PorkyPunks believes that the rarity of each individual piece will be the benefit for the owner, that's what makes this project special vs the next Ape knockoff project.


With over 86 traits, each pig is unique from each other, some pig have traits that show up less than other traits, making them more valuable.



Minting a PorkyPunk will only cost $20 (0.0081 ETH)! The rarity of your pig that you mint will only bring the price of the NFT up!

With prices so low, this will prevent people from flipping and devaluing the NFT right after minting. People that buy are incentivized to hold and let them grow.

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Rarity Value

Each PorkyPunk is unique and randomly programmatically generated from over 86 possible traits, including jewelry, headwear, skin, and more. All pigs are badass, but some are rarer than others.




15 year old crypto and NFT enthusiast, entrepreneur, and investor from Seattle. I'm the founder of PorkyPunks and the only person working on this collection. After 6 months and many late nights I have done everything from hand drawing each individual layer and pig, coding and testing the smart contract, marketing, research, and creating this website.